Pneumatic Lift PVE52

Committed to improving accessibility in the home, we have specially designed this model for those who think ahead or those who, by necessity, require a single-family lift large enough to transport a passenger in a wheelchair with a companion. It has an outer diameter of 131.6 cm and can carry up to 3 people (238 kg maximum load).

Technology at the service of well-being, so that acquiring a single-family lift with capacity for a wheelchair does not mean giving up on design.

The ideal single-family lift for homes with ample space.

Panoramic self-supporting structure that allows 360º total visibility<&. Available in five different colours. Its exclusive stainless steel interior finish provides an extra touch of distinction and luxury. A top-of-the-range single-family lift.

All our models of pneumatic lifts are available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 stops (15 metres maximum travel). No pit or machine room is required for installation. Environmentally-friendly, its operation requires no harmful greases or oils and is energy efficient as it only uses energy during the upward travel.

In the event of a power failure there is no risk of entrapment, as the cab is automatically lowered to the bottom floor, at which point the passenger is able to get out.

Technical specifications

  • Outer diameter of the cylinder: 1316mm
  • Maximum load: 238 kg (tres personas)
  • Available for 2, 3, 4 and 5 stops (15 metres travel)
  • Speed: < 0.15m/s
  • No pit required. Installation directly on existing floor.
  • No machine room required
  • LED lighting, telephone and cabin ventilation.
  • Automatic push-button

Installation Requirements

  • Level flooring on ground floor
  • Minimum space required for installation: 140cm diameter (140 x 140 cm)
  • Minimum height required on top floor for installation: 2.45m
  • 220V Single phase connection (32Amp)

Catalogues and plans

Made of aluminium and polycarbonate, the PVE pneumatic lift combines functionality with an elegant design, since it is a panoramic and transparent lift that allows 360º visibility inside the house.

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